Announcing the death of Mark Hird

Mark Hird, Managing Director of Tavistock Hospitality, Poetic License Distillery & Sonnet 43 Brewhouse Mark Hird, the founder and managing director of the Sunderland-based Tavistock Hospitality Group, has passed away after a long, courageous battle with cancer. Mark, who died on Tuesday 3 December 2019, aged 47, was widely known throughout the hospitality, distillery and [&hellip

Real ale in Ryhope

Novelist Glenda Young’s books are set in the pubs of early 20th Century Wearside Researching historical novels set around North East pubs is a tough job, but as the saying goes, someone’s got to do it. My novels are set at the end of WW1 in the ex-coalmining and farming village of Ryhope, south of [&hellip

Showaddywaddy’s loss, our gain

The Hammond organ and crashing guitar at the start of Tony Bengtsson’s latest album, West Elizabeth, set up a powerful piece of work (writes Simma Singer). In a time when every genre is available at the tap of a finger, many artists flit from style to style and never seem to settle, Tony is firmly [&hellip

The disappeared

There’s no limit to what people will steal from pubs, writes Vincent Zeller According to leisure industry publication, The Morning Advertiser (MA), pub and restaurant customers pinch £186m of glass and tableware each year, with glasses the most common item to disappear. Costs obviously add up in extreme cases and there is little option for [&hellip

Kombucha? Bless you

North East consumers are taking big note of a different style of fermented drink, as Alastair Gilmour discovers Fermented food has soared in popularity thanks to the ever-increasing interest in gut health. We’re familiar with yogurt as a fermented foodstuff controlling digestion and supporting the immune system but others include kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and [&hellip

Taxidermy for Wandering Willie

There’s no doubt we’re a nation of dog lovers, particularly with the current fashion for small breeds – “handbag” size – and cute fluffy ones.  Virtually all of our best pubs are dog friendly with city-centre venues in particular making a big effort to attract their owners’ custom. Even those of us who don’t posses [&hellip

No half measures

The starting point for creating a circle could be no more than one dot on a piece of paper. Entrepreneur Ben Cleary began there and has now completed the movement, realising his two-year dream.  Full Circle Brew Co has opened in Hoult’s Yard in Newcastle, a venture that represents a superb example of engineering, fabrication, [&hellip

Try, try, try again

Challenging times lie ahead – and the start of a new year is always a slow time for the pub and brewing industry. We asked media guru Daisy Turnell how we can all help to make life easier. The toughest month for a lot of businesses is just around the corner. January can be make [&hellip

Cool product uses less energy

A Haltwhistle, Northumberland, company world-renowned for manufacturing aircraft de-icing and heat transfer products is delivering energy efficiency and cost savings for breweries. Kilfrost, which was founded in the 1930s and is still run by the same family, were invited by Pillars Brewery, craft lager producers based in Walthamstow, London, to provide a glycol product for [&hellip

Bull back in the ring

A North Northumberland pub that had gone through a massive makeover last year with limited success, it has to be said, now has a new operator who has quickly revived its fortunes. The Black Bull at Etal (pictured above), Northumberland’s only thatched pub, is being managed by Cheviot Brewery which also operates on the Etal [&hellip

David Squires on ... how long can Markus babble on at Leaky Wanderers?

Our cartoonist looks at how it has gone wrong for the Western Sydney Wanderers coach this season

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Perhaps it was the anticipation of watching tonight’s episode of The Apprentice. Actually, probably not… But anyway, I spent a little time this morning sprucing up the ‘brand’ of It’s something I do on an irregular basis, usually when I’m a bit bored. This time, however, I […]

Andrew Neil interview: Jo Swinson sticks to her guns

Jo Swinson had a terrible session on Question Time earlier in the election campaign, but tonight in her interview with…

How money for losing MPs can skew elections

With just over a week to go till polling day, tis the season for endorsements from publications and public figures.…

Craft Beer Newcastle Patches Have Landed!

Anyone who knows us knows how much we love beer-based merch, and patches in particular. So we thought it was about time we had some of our own! With money raised from the Thoughtful Night Market in November (mega thanks to The Crafthood for inviting us to be a part of this fantastic event!), we bought a set of these: Instead of selling them via an online shop, we wanted to do something that made a difference. All of the money raised from markets that Craft Beer Newcastle does goes back to help something local (the profit from the summer … Continue reading Craft Beer Newcastle Patches Have Landed!

'Trumpets' race review - Abu Dhabi

Ambient 26.6° Track 30.6° Humidity 60% Wind 1.2 m/s Prelude A gentle breeze wafted silkily through the paddock as the low ripe sun hung on the edge of the horizon, belying the frantic preparations underway as the teams got ready for the last race of the year. And yet again, Ferrari under pressure as the FIA determined there was a significant discrepancy in the fuel reported to be in

Brussels or Washington? Brexit means we must decide whose side we’re on | Rafael Behr

The Nato summit has underlined a problem both Johnson and Corbyn deny – the cost in power and influence of leaving the EU

It is a common problem, especially at this time of year. You agree to host a party, but when it comes around the timing feels awkward. Work is hectic, some of the guests are barely on speaking terms, someone might make an unpleasant scene. That someone might be you.

A less frivolous politician than Boris Johnson could turn this week’s Nato summit to his advantage. The international stage allows a hosting prime minister to parade himself as a serious statesman, inviting favourable comparison with a Labour rival whose method for communicating on defence matters has traditionally been a loudhailer at an anti-war rally.

Related: PM to downplay ties to Donald Trump amid claims of 'NHS sell-off'

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David Squires on … how are Arsenal doing, boss?

Our resident cartoonist on what the Gunners will do next after Unai Emery’s sacking

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The Social Brew Collective

Six UK breweries have teamed up to create the ‘The Social Brew Collective‘. The collaborative includes three social enterprises and consists of Wild Beer Co, Tap Social Movement, Gipsy Hill Brewing, Ignition Brewing, Wild Card Brewery and Spotlight Brewing.  Social enterprise breweries provide jobs for people who would normally find getting a job to be […]

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The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 012

The Cycling Europe Podcast is back in the UK and heads to Scotland to chat with Paul Cheese, musician and long-distance cyclist. His travels took him on an astonishing journey to almost every nook and cranny of Britain with a bicycle between his legs and a microphone in […]

Party leaders shape up for a week of talking Trump and terror

Tonight’s ITV election debate had a slightly different cast to the seven-way BBC programme on Friday night, but its spokespeople…

I bonk. Do you bonk?

Technology, eh? What a bastard. Marching relentlessly forward without so much as a hey there, humanity, do you actually wantContinue Reading

Cycling Europe: Coming To A Northern Town Near You…

Well, if you live in Yorkshire that is. I’ve done a fair bit of speaking about my travels on a bike (called Reggie) since I returned from that first adventure back in 2010 from southern England to southern Italy – the full list of speaking engagements is here […]

New £7 Billion Pledge Reveals Labour Stronger On Cycling Than Green Party

Britain’s Labour Party has unveiled a supplement to its main election manifesto that promises to spend £4.7 billion on making the U. K. one of the best countries in the world for walking and cycling.

10 things you should know about the London Bridge attacker and “early release”

No time can be afforded in 2019 to respect the dead. Not when there’s an election at stake, and the tantalising prospect of scoring cheap political points winks coyly at you from a special advisor’s email. So it is that, within 24 hours after the killings by Usman Khan at London Bridge, politicians have lined […]

'Trumpets' qualifying notebook - Abu Dhabi

Ambient 26° Track 31° Humidity 67.3% Wind 1.2 m/s Prelude The last rays of light shot through the paddock at the end of golden hour, sun dipping slowly below the horizon as the last race weekend of the year ground slowly into gear. Bottas, as if it weren't enough to be starting from the back of the grid, earned a further reprimand for trying to dive up the inside on a completely

Barrel-aged stout and my own egregious selling-out

Amid all the dodgy news that has hit the American craft beer scene over the past month or so – Founders Brewing Co, the largest in Michigan, having to settle a racial discrimination suit, AB-Inbev  stealing the slogan a small brewer has been using for nearly ten years, Lagunitas dumping all over community groups that … Continue reading Barrel-aged stout and my own egregious selling-out

Election debate: leaders squabble over how they can stop Brexit

For a seven-way debate which didn’t even feature the two main party leaders, tonight’s BBC election programme was remarkably good.…

Tories go to war with Channel 4 over climate debate ice sculpture

Why did Boris Johnson refuse to attend tonight’s Channel 4 leaders’ debate on the climate? His party has gone to…

David Squires on ... the second coming of Ange Postecoglou

Our cartoonist on the rebirth of the former Socceroos coach with Yokohama F. Marinos in the J League

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Voters have shifted since 2017. Here’s what I’ve seen | Rafael Behr

Out on the streets, attitudes to Brexit and Corbyn have hardened. But there’s little trust in Boris Johnson, even among Tory voters

At school I was told a cautionary tale about an art teacher who had the tips missing from two fingers. One had been lost showing a class how not to use a craft knife. The second was lost demonstrating what had happened the first time. The story may be apocryphal, but the lesson is real enough: there is no mistake so stupid that it can’t be made twice.

Boris Johnson still has time to bungle this election. If he fails to win an outright victory, his missing lead will take a special place in Westminster folklore alongside its spectral twin – the majority that Theresa May vaporised in 2017. That campaign, defined by the incumbent’s hubris, haunts the current one with unusual intensity, and not just because it is recent. It is hardly a memory; more a presence. It fuels Labour hopes and Tory fears. It lurks in every pundit’s caveat and every pollster’s preamble.

The PM seeks to persuade undecided voters who see Corbyn as a crackpot, Labour as a party that likes to splash other people's cash

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Jeremy Corbyn flounders on anti-Semitism, Brexit, tax and spending

Jeremy Corbyn’s interview with Andrew Neil was one of the most uncomfortable half hours of the Labour leader’s tenure. In…

David Squires on … which José Mourinho will Tottenham get?

With Spurs bringing the Portuguese manager on board, what can we all look forward to?

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Can the Tories really underpromise in their manifesto and overdeliver in government?

Boris Johnson is today launching the Welsh Conservatives’ manifesto. For the Tories, this event comes with a trigger warning: it…

This Road I Ride by Juliana Buhring. Book Review

Juliana Buhring became the first and fastest woman to circumnavigate the world by bicycle. This book follows her journey. It is an incredible adventure, particularly as the author had no background in cycling and was spurred into doing the ride after her boyfriend was killed by a crocodile. Buhring's background as a former member of the cult of The Children of God provides a fascinating backdrop to the journey.These long distance cycle rides tend to be done by men and when Juliana Buhring became [...]

Top Tips For Cycling In Italy

By Aaron King Italy is a beautiful country, full of striking scenery, historic sights, and famously passionate locals. Cycling is a great way to see Italy for tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re visiting the Italian Alps or Dolomites, or taking a trip to the famous Italian lakes, […]

Off The Beaten Track: The Luddenden Valley And Castle Carr

Despite the rather dull, wet weather (at least it wasn’t too cold), I went for a little local jaunt on the bike this afternoon with a friend, setting off from the very Christmassy Piece Hall in Halifax… …keeping out of the bottom of Calder Valley by taking a […]

Priti Patel hasn’t learned the lesson of ‘no such thing as society’

Can Priti Patel really stand in Barrow-in-Furness, which has some of the most deprived wards in the country, and say…

David Squires on ... unprovoked attacks on The Failing A-League

Our cartoonist on the rise of rival sports and weird comparisons with football

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Hidden Gems of Bavaria: Riegele Brewery

One of the best things about Bavaria is the beer, obviously. First of all, the quality is unquestionable. Besides that, there are an infinite number of breweries to visit. No matter how long you have been living or travelling there, you’ll always find new places to go. But quantity doesn’t always mean variety here. Excessive […]

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About The Time I Upcycled A Vintage Hardtail For Bikepacking & Rode It Across Armenia

In the months leading up to Bikepacking Armenia, I thought long and hard about whether to get myself a shiny new ‘bikepacking rig’ for the trip. Since I was in the UK for a few weeks in May, I took the opportunity to test-ride a Sonder Frontier with Adventure Pedlars…

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What’s going wrong for the Lib Dems?

The Liberal Democrats may have brought confetti canons to their manifesto launch, but they have still struggled to get as…

The General Election 2019: Cycling

Have you noticed that there will be a British general election in December? Hopefully you plan on voting. (If not, why not for goodness sake?!) As I did in 2017, I have looked at the different party manifestos for mentions of the word ‘cycling’. All the main UK-wide […]

Johnson’s ‘Get Brexit done’ drumbeat cannot drown out reality for ever | Rafael Behr

The prime minister’s snappy, inane slogan is the prelude to inevitable lies, betrayal and duplicity

One test of a campaign slogan is how efficiently it helps voters explain their preference to others and to themselves. Why Donald Trump? To make America great again. Why leave the EU? To take back control. Simple. Boris Johnson has found that kind of groove with his pledge to “Get Brexit done”, which is why he beat the phrase like a drum in televised leader debates this week. It packs a lot into four syllables: release from the EU for those who really care, and relief from having to think about it to those who don’t. It has the pleasing crispness of a page being turned, while making Labour’s policy feel like a threat to reread a grim chapter all over again.

As politics, “Get Brexit done” is snappy; as policy, it is empty. It is the vacuous sequel to “Take back control”, starring the same falsehood about Britain’s global stature. Johnson’s claim now, as in the referendum campaign, is that leaving Europe is an act of empowerment. It contains the illusion that we, the liberated nation, tell them, the spurned continentals, how things will be. Three years of negotiation tell a different story. The UK tried to retain privileges of EU membership without abiding by the rules, failed, and watched its deal deteriorate as a result. If the Tories win a majority, that pattern repeats all next year. The old movie will be remade with the same gallop tow…

The legendary Mercer’s Meat Stout returns after 75 years

There is not a lot will make me drop everything and rush 200 miles north to Blackburn, but a message saying that the recipe for the legendary Mercer’s Meat Stout had been discovered in an attic and the beer was being brewed again got me on the first available train out of Euston. Mercer’s Meat … Continue reading The legendary Mercer’s Meat Stout returns after 75 years

Announcing the 2019 Go Developer Survey

Since 2016, thousands of Gophers around the world have helped the Go project by sharing your thoughts via our annual Go Developer Survey. Your feedback has played an enormous role in driving changes to our language, ecosystem, and community, including the gopls language server, new error-handling mechanics, the module mirror, and so much more from the latest Go 1.13 release. And of course, we publicly share each year's results, so we can all benefit from the community's insights.

London Does Not Top Strava’s List Of Best U.K. Bicycle Transportation Cities

According to the exercise measuring app Strava, which of England’s major cities have the highest number of transportation cyclists per head of population? It's not London.

“Life means life for child killers” – the truth behind the headlines

There used to be a time, once Chris Grayling had hung up his butcher’s apron at the Ministry of Justice and Theresa May ushered in a quieter, more respectful justice strategy of wanton neglect, that I wrote about something other than Boris Johnson. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister keeps booting the justice football around the pitch […]

Mulch Ado About Nothing: Green Party’s Plan For Sawdust Cycleways And Footpaths Not Mad

The Green Party pledge to spend £2.5 billion a year on woodchip and sawdust cycleways and footpaths has been ridiculed on social media by advocates of active-travel, who say such surface treatments quickly degrade and become impassable. But it's not mad!

David Squires on … new ideas for football TV series

Our cartoonist looks at some of the programmes you might find on your streaming services in the coming years

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