Mercedes W10 rear wing airflow explained with flow-viz

Testing usually sees teams apply flowviz paint on their cars to visualize airflow on certain car elements. They do so to verify the findings from the windtunnel and detect any unwanted effect that was not simulated.

So did Mercedes, revealing airflow on the suction surface of the rear wing and its endplates (flows D and E).

It is clear in the image that airflow has drawn straight lines onto the suction surface of the main flap. This shows perfect laminar flow, as one would expect with this element.

Things get interesting when we look at flow behind the upper flap. As additional high speed flow is injected through the slot, the laminar flow is even more obviously 'painted' onto the wing (A).

However, it doesn't remain as such, as about halfway up the flap, flow separates from the wing (obvious by the unpainted section B). It later rejoins the wing in a turbulent fashion (C).

This is called a laminar separation bubble, an aerodynamic effect that can happen due to a strong adverse pressure gradient - and related velocity drop - along the surface, which makes the laminar boundary layer separate from the wing surface.

As the flow is separated, it transitions to a turbulent flow, increasing the momentum transfer into the boundary layer and leading to a reattachment.

Now, what does this mean for the Mercedes W10? The flow pattern that we see is perfectly acceptable. It shows that the wing is working airflow extremely hard. In fac…

Tick follows tock follows tick…

The clock is ticking. It’s a clock of my own making, but a clock nonetheless. It will count down untilContinue Reading

Fixing attribute completion in Emacs nxml-mode

I write most pages on this website in an XML format source file, and use emacs to edit those sources. I’m very happy with how nxml-mode works with prose-style XML, making it much more usable than other environments seem to be. But recent changes (with emacs 26.1, IIRC) put a bit of grit into the environment.


Bicycling Magazine Cover and Interview

Right at the end of last year just a few days before Christmas, I squeezed in a shoot for George Marshall, an amazing photographer who I know from my days riding BMX in London. Back in those days George used […]

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Media exposure was the worst thing that happened to Shamima Begum

Why has Sajid Javid announced that he is revoking the citizenship of Shamima Begum? The 19 year old, who travelled…

Is the Independent Group already heading for a split?

The three Conservative defectors to the Independent Group gave a notably upbeat press conference this lunchtime. It was quite a…

Lib Dems to Independent Group: please be our friends

In a parallel universe, the MPs who’ve left the Labour and Conservative parties this week would be joining the existing…

Theresa May ‘saddened’ as Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry and Sarah Wollaston quit the Tories

Theresa May has said she is ‘saddened’ by the decision of Heidi Allen, Sarah Wollaston and Anna Soubry to leave…

New Year, New Sponsor!

As someone who enjoys putting together an outfit for riding or the gym – and I make no apologies for this – I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be riding Smith road and (open face) mountain bike helmets this year. […]

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Joan Ryan quits Labour and joins the Independent Group

Another Labour MP, Joan Ryan, has tonight announced she is leaving the party to join the Independent Group. This is…

The choice is clear for Labour MPs. Stay with Corbyn or leave the party | Rafael Behr

The idea of a ‘broad church’ makes no sense when its congregants don’t profess the same political faith

There is a phrase that has a lot of currency among Labour MPs who hate the direction their party has taken under Jeremy Corbyn. They say they will “stay and fight”. The vow is sometimes taken in private, sometimes declared on social media alongside a plea for others to do the same. It has become so familiar that its meaning is rarely interrogated.

But what is this fight? Who is it against? What does victory look like? The answers are not comfortable for the stayers. The enemy is the elected leader of their party and he enjoys the overwhelming support of its members. Corbyn’s position is so unassailable that his would-be assailants hardly dare to criticise him. They grumble about Labour’s position on Brexit and agitate for the endorsement of a second referendum. They express horror at the way antisemitism has eaten into the party like gangrene and demand surgical intervention. But in public, the dissenters avoid pointing blame squarely at the leader or even at individuals in his entourage.

The fact that they have taken action exposes the passivity of the remaining anti-Corbyn rump

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The times they are a changin’

There’s one ride each year when everything has changed. It’s a smell in the air and just a hint, that’sContinue Reading

Spanish Telecoms Giant Movistar Moves Into Esports With Indoor Cycle Trainer Brand Bkool

Movistar partners with Bkool to create an indoor esports cycle racing series timed to coincide with WorldTour races including the Tour de France.

Getting downforce through the rear wing endplate

Renault F1 have arrived at Barcelona with an interesting update on their car, one that was photoshopped away from its launch renderings.

It may appear like a no-brainer, but Renault has become the first team to generate proper downforce through vanes on the rear wing endplates. While other teams limit themselves to vertical vanes that help clean up the flow or inject some more airflow underneath the rear wing, Renault have taken a different approach.

Still going on with the aerodynamic development of the curved rear wing endplate, the connecting vanes between the upper and lower section of the endplate are shaped to guide airflow upwards, working along with the rear wing and the upward pointing

We’re moving: Message to JA on F1 readers

The JA on F1 blog is moving. After ten years in its current guise, the content and comments will all be migrated to the platform. The migration will happen today February 19 and you can find the content and the community here on this link. You will be able to login with your account, […]

Do You Really Need Ortliebs? A Complete Guide To Panniers For Cycle Tours & Expeditions

One day in 1884, Thomas Stevens departed California on a penny farthing and proceeded to become the first man in recorded history to cycle round the world. He did so carrying little more than a bag of gold and a pistol rolled up in a blanket. Today, us long-distance cycle tourists…

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David Squires on … Tottenham's grand designs for their new stadium

Our cartoonist looks at Spurs and their protracted renovations to move back into their ground

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The Long Read: Crossing The Alps Via The Tende Pass

I have received an email from Ian Johnston. It has provoked me to do a bit of digging in the Cycling Europe archive and as a result I am writing this longer-than-normal post. Enjoy. The Tende Pass is perhaps one of the lesser-known Alpine passes but it is […]

Barcelona F1 test Day 1: Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari set the pace

Ferrari came out of the blocks strongly on Day 1 of F1 pre-season testing with Sebastian Vettel setting the fastest time. Vettel’s quickest lap of 1m18.161s in the morning session was set on the middle compound of Pirelli’s range for the tests. Carlos Sainz and Romain Grosjean were second and third fastest, some way off […]

Product Review. Rearviz: Arm-Mounted Cycling Mirror

The RearViz cyclin mirror attached to my wristI was given a RearViz cycling mirror to review. This mirror is attached to your wrist, rather than to the bicycle. I think it looks pretty cool and if you would like to find out how I got on with it then read on...The RearViz mirror is produced by RVI Active, an Australian company that specialises in innovative safety products for the sport and fitness market. The RearViz was their first product.​​I have never used a bicycle mirror before, s [...]

Driverless Vehicles Will Transform Cities? One Already Has: The Elevator

Free, autonomous, electric – the elevator is old school mass transit that will continue shaping the urban form long after the automobile has been banned from city streets.

Alfa Romeo C38 technical analysis

A brief look at the technical details crammed into the Alfa Romeo C38

The Grand Tour Diaries 2018: OUT NOW!

Available in paperback and Kindle e-book: click here to buy now Every stage of the 2018 editions of the GiroContinue Reading

VIDEO: A brief overview and explanation of the 2019 front wings

In this short video I take a look over the front wings already unveiled by the teams for testing and explain what the differences are and why.

Seven MPs leave Labour and form ‘The Independent Group’

There are seven MPs leaving Labour: Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Gavin Shuker, Angela Smith, Chuka Umunna, Mike Gapes and Ann…

Five questions for Labour’s ‘splitters’

A group of Labour MPs are expected to announce they are leaving the party this morning. While the numbers and…

The Cycling Europe Cycle Touring Photograph Of The Year Competition 2019: Two Weeks To Go!

The Cycling Europe Cycle Touring Photograph of the Year Competition that was launched recently has been continuing to receive some top-notch entries: All of the photographs above are good examples of what you could be sending in yourself. Just remember that the rules of the competition (see below) […]

Ferrari SF90 technical analysis

Here's my analysis of the Ferrari SF90 if you hadn't found it over on YouTube channel already. I'll be making much more video content this season so be sure to subscribe to the channel to get notifications of when content goes live.

Red Bull RB15 technical analysis

I've had to double back to the RB15 as whilst I'd done the written analysis over on my Patreon page on the day it launched, I didn't get around to making the video. So, here it is, in all its glory...

GM's ARĪV Is Not Alone -- Here Are 4 Commercially Available (And Expensive) Folding E-Bikes

GM's ARĪV isn't the only game in town – here are four folding e-bikes already on the market (ironically, three have automotive connections).

Bridleway Cycleway?

This bridleway is at the start of one possible route that I can take to travel from home into the centre of Halifax. I’ve just walked the route on this beautiful morning and I couldn’t help thinking why I haven’t used it more on the Cannondale. The CAADX […]

Mercedes’ main rival? Ferrari F1 launch the SF90

With Ferrari bidding to win their first championship (drivers’ or constructors’) since 2008, the Maranello team unveiled their 2019 car, the SF90. Having fallen short in the second half of the 2017 and 2018 seasons, Ferrari will be hoping that the SF90 will be able to maintain a season-long challenge for top honours. In a […]

VIDAJE – Behind The Gaze Of The (Cycling) Nomad

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to set off one day on your bike… and just keep going. Some people do it. The extreme example would be the German chap who kept cycling around the world for much of his life and when he returned, his home town gave him […]

McLaren MCL34 technical analysis

I've covered the MCL34 in both written form, over on my Patreon page, and in video format which can be seen below...

Mercedes W10 technical analysis

Mercedes launched the W10 with a series of renders whilst simultaneously shaking the car down at Silverstone. You can check out my written analysis of the car over on my Patreon page or in the video below...

Will ‘Isis bride’ Shamima Begum really end up in a British prison?

What will the UK do about Shamima Begum, the schoolgirl who travelled to Syria to join Islamic State? The Times’…

After Brexit defeat, Downing Street insists nothing has changed

After Theresa May mysteriously evaporated from the Commons following tonight’s government defeat, Downing Street has issued a statement insisting that…

Starting a fightback? McLaren F1 unveil the MCL34

McLaren’s bid to make their way to the front of the Formula One grid commences with the launch of their 2019 car, the McLaren Renault MCL34. In a launch event at their Woking headquarters, McLaren took the covers off a 2019-spec car, complete with an evolved livery for this season. Carrying on with their ‘papaya […]

Defeat looms for government as Brexiteers decide to abstain in key vote

The European Research Group has decided it will abstain on the government’s Brexit motion, which MPs will be voting on…

David Squires on ... Hakeem al-Araibi and bona fide hero Craig Foster

Our cartoonist celebrates the tireless efforts to secure the refugee footballer’s safe return

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General Motors Unveils Crowdsourced Name For New E-Bike Brand: ARĪV

ARĪV, GM's new e-bike brand, was named after a public competition.

Solskjær’s stumble, a Wembley rumble and Banks of England – Football Weekly Extra

Max Rushden, Barry Glendenning, Philippe Auclair and Lars Sivertsen discuss Solskjær’s stumble, Wembley’s rumble, a momentous first Champions League VAR, Declan Rice’s defection to England and the passings of two football legends

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We look back at the last couple of days of football, starting with PSG inflicting the first defeat of Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s tenure as Manchester United boss, as they take a 2-0 scoreline back to the Parc des Princes in three weeks time.

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Bicyclists Could Prevent Netherlands Becoming #1 Nation For Driverless Cars, Says KPMG Report

Hordes of cyclists could stop The Netherlands becoming the lead nation for autonomous vehicles, states a new report from KPMG.

Racing Point F1 launch new livery ahead of first full F1 season

The Racing Point F1 team have taken the covers off their first fully-painted car ahead of their first full season in the sport. In a presentation at the Canadian National Autoshow in Toronto, a modified 2018 car was unveiled with an updated livery and fresh sponsors. Taking on new title sponsors, the full team name […]

Red Bull F1 display striking “one-off” livery on RB15

Red Bull Racing have once again added a touch more creativity to the F1 preseason car launches by releasing images of a bold livery on their latest car. Releasing detailed images of their latest challenger, the RB15, Red Bull unveiled a new livery for 2019, using a dark blue and red colour scheme. Unfortunately, the […]

The title defender? Mercedes F1 launch the W10

Mercedes have launched the car that they will use to attempt to defend their titles, the W10. Looking to challenge for their record-breaking sixth drivers and constructors championship, Mercedes have unveiled the car that they hope will solidify their place in the record books. Releasing shots of an updated livery, the car still features the […]

Maintenance Course Rutland Cycling

I was there for the first of the series, which included things such as how to do an M check of your bike, how to fix a puncture and know which innertube you should buy. The great thing about the course is the instructor gives a talk and then it's hands-on time so you can try yourself, the best way to learn. Rutland has bikes on hand that you can practice on or you can use your own bike if you like.

Deal or no deal, both Labour and the Tories will split over Brexit | Rafael Behr

Under May and Corbyn, the two broad churches of English politics are shrinking into intolerant sects

A casual observer seeing Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn exchange rhetorical blows over Brexit in the Commons today might imagine that they stand on opposite sides of this totemic issue. But veterans of the debate know they are equal in determination that Britain should leave the EU. They are separated from consensus by small technical matters that can, for theatrical effect, be inflated into irreconcilable differences. That process is testimony to the hold that the two-party system exerts over English politics and to much of what is wrong with it.

Brexit keeps promising to break party lines and then failing to do so. That is partly because pro-Europeanism and the British left stand on overlapping cultural ground. The remain proposition goes well beyond attachment to EU membership: it is driven by revulsion at the nativist spirit of Brexit’s marauding generals – Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg – and shock that they have hijacked Britain’s political identity. But that dismay is not exclusive to Labour. It is felt by liberal Tories and swing voters who just pine for competent, rational government.

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How many voters would identify with a movement born in simultaneous aversion to Corbyn and Brexit? No one can be sure

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Renault RS19 technical analysis

As has been the case with the other two launches I have prepared both video content and the usual written article to accompany it too. The written content can be found over on my Patreon page, whilst the video can be seen below...

Renault F1 take the covers off the R.S.19

Renault F1 are the latest team to display their car ahead of the 2019 campaign, the RS19. The French marque are the fourth team to host a launch and provide a taster of F1 2019, and they will continue with their black and yellow livery. A colour scheme which has proven popular, the team went […]