Cruising The Rhine: Day 3 – Koblenz Miscellanea

There’s no theme to these; just what took attracted my eyes as I wandered from ‘German Corner’ where the Rhine meets the Mosel towards the old town. Some you may like, some you may loathe. You’ll be glad I squeezed some bicycles in there… Enjoy!

Cruising The Rhine: Day 3 – Koblenz And The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

A relaxing morning in Koblenz during which nothing bicycle- or cycling-related happened (well, apart from me finding the first EuroVelo 15 sign…). So it’s just the sightseeing today I’m afraid. The Rough Guide didn’t big up the city – “not many attractions” – but I found a sufficient […]

Cruising The Rhine: Day 3 – Arriving In Koblenz

This travel blogging malarkey is hard work; up with the larks, filming, chatting with the captain, watching the world go by. It’s not yet 9am. The street cleaners will sympathise…

Cruising The Rhine: Day 2 – Mannheim And The Search For Baron Karl Von Drais

Mannheim is a fine city with much to commend it. An attractive focal point that is well maintained and popular with epic fountains that keep the kids – and ducks – amused: A busy main thoroughfare with an interesting town centre built – and rebuilt in the post-war […]

Cruising The Rhine: Day 2 – Speyer

I can’t ever remember knowing about the existence of a place called Speyer until it was mentioned in the pre-visit briefing last night. Mannheim, yes. Cologne, of course. Dusseldorf, obviously… but Speyer, never. So this morning’s stroll around “one of Germany’s oldest cities” was nice. A bit like […]

Bicycle Architecture Biennale Showcases World's Wow-Factor Cycling Infrastructure

Wow-factor cycling infrastructure designs to go on world tour with Bicycle Infrastructure Biennale after Amsterdam debut.

Cruising The Rhine: Day 1 – Strasbourg

The ship hasn’t been far today; an early morning arrival in Strasbourg (from Mannheim – see previous post…) and we’ve been moored here – adjacent to the EuroVelo 15 of all things – ever since. Rainy outside but I did spend an amiable few hours wandering the streets […]

Can anyone stop Boris Johnson becoming prime minister?

Can anyone stop Boris Johnson? It is an inevitability that the former Mayor of London will be in the final…

'People Will Die' Says London's Cycling Commissioner After Notting Hill Cycleway Scheme Rejected

London's Cycling Commissioner Will Norman issues extraordinary statement slamming a cycleway rejection decision by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

U.K. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling Claims In Parliament That Building Roads Reduces Emissions

U.K.'s Transport Secretary knows nothing of induced demand, claims any attempt to row back on road building is "waging a war on the motorist."

Review: Mobi V17 Portable Bike Washer

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: I hate washing my bike. It just takes so bloody long, there’s all that faffing about, it makes my back ache from all the bending down and I’d just rather have […]

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Manchester To Basel… And Mannheim, Birthplace Of The Bicycle!

Well this is all new to me. But I have to admit, I’m already missing the bike. Let me recap… As you may recall (because I told you in this post only last week), I have been asked to deliver some talks on a river cruise boat along […]

The Hennessy Deep Jungle Camping Hammock: Long-Term Review & Photos

I love hammock camping on bike trips. It’s convenient, comfortable, and a lot easier to find a pitch than people tend to think. Rather than hammock camping in general, which I’ve written about in the past along with other alternative sleeping systems, in this piece I will be taking a…

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Implementation issues with micro frontends

Cam now looks at various issues that need to be considered to make this whole approach work. How to achieve coherent styling, dealing with shared components, inter-application communications and how to test it all.


How Boris’s campaign predicted he would get 114 votes

Boris Johnson’s campaign team has been so well-organised that it predicted exactly the number of votes he would get in…

Rory Stewart’s success is the real surprise of the first Tory leadership vote

It is isn’t a great surprise that Esther McVey, Mark Harper and Andrea Leadsom have been knocked out of the…

Boris Johnson has an unfair advantage in the leadership race … there’s two of him | Rafael Behr

He is through to the next round after telling Tories exactly what they want to hear. Which candidate will they end up with?

There are only three Tory leadership candidates that matter – and two of them are Boris Johnson. This is how the numbers shake out: in a first round poll this morning, those who failed to clear a 16-vote threshold were eliminated. (Farewell, then, Andrea Leadsom, Esther McVey and Mark Harper. You have officially become answers to difficult quiz questions in years to come.) Johnson was the clear winner with 114 votes, with Jeremy Hunt trailing in second place with 43 votes.

Further rounds will whittle the pack to two. That shortlist is then put to Conservative members, who expect to see Johnson’s name on the ballot paper. MPs have signalled that they will oblige. Unless Johnson is disqualified by sudden scandal – always a possibility – he gets a bye to the final. The intervening knockout stages are about identifying the non-Johnson contender.

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The ERG hardcore

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What To Pack For Bikepacking

Now that I’ve done a few bikepacking trips, I’ve really got the bug. Unfortunately, getting said bug is pretty bad timing seeing as I’m now a mother and can’t exactly just disappear all the time to camp out with my […]

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Checking out the Uber-Cool SALT Beer Factory

By Tim Jones | Founder We took ourselves down to visit SALT Beer Factory in Saltaire, West Yorkshire. We’ve been

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Sajid Javid pitches himself as the ‘change candidate’ 

Sajid Javid’s leadership launch was delayed by over an hour because Parliament was trying to make up its mind on…

Le Tour, and the French-est Frenchman in all of France

As a Brit, and a pro cycling fan, you might expect me to be rooting for my countrymen at theContinue Reading

Cycling In Schools: Fine Displays!

I occasionally come across cycling-themed displays in schools as I go about my work as a supply teacher. The ones shown below were found at Calder High School near Hebden Bridge and Salendine Nook High School near Huddersfield. Any more to add to the collection?

Dutch E-Bike Brand VanMoof Seeks €2.5m Crowdfunding As Part Of €7.5m Investment Push

Dutch e-bike brand VanMoof seeks €2.5m crowdfunding as parr of €7.5m funding campaign, its second in two years.

May confirms she’ll stay on as an MP at dull PMQs session

A fair few MPs felt there was no reason to come to today’s Prime Minister’s Questions, given the real action…

The Tory contest shows that the Brexiters’ dream is dying before their very eyes | Rafael Behr

They once thought leaving the EU would work wonders. Now they don’t care what it achieves as long as it is done

Brexit is the reason the Conservatives are choosing a new leader, yet the competition has become a race to change the subject. Candidates are being judged not by any probability of success in taking the UK out of the EU, but by the ability to comfort fellow Tories that there is life for their party on the other side, once the deed is done.

How to get there is a side issue.

Related: The prospect of Boris Johnson as prime minister has reignited Labour’s civil war | Gaby Hinsliff

While Brexit is still the driving force in British politics, it is no longer a living programme for government

Related: EU view of Tory leadership candidates deeply critical, say sources

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The one part of Theresa May’s legacy her successor must protect

Promising to protect Theresa May’s legacy isn’t really a feature of this Conservative leadership contest. That’s not just because so…

Mathieu van der Poel: the NEW…[insert Dutch legend here]

I must admit, I’m late to the Mathieu van der Poel party (not a euphemism). I take no interest inContinue Reading

Czech Beer Week hits the UK for the first time!

The highly anticipated Czech Beer Week will be kicking off on Monday 17th of June and it’s billed to be

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Integration approaches for micro frontends

Cam moves on from the benefits of micro frontends to look at different ways of implementing them. He covers server-side template composition, build-time integration, and run-time integration via iframes, JavaScript, and Web Components


David Squires on … the Women's World Cup and arms in unnatural positions

Our cartoonist on handball shenanigans, scary celebrations and the Nations League

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The Curious Truth About How Bicycle Touring Extends Your Life

I was over at the Adventure Pedlars bunkhouse the other day, chatting with the owner Pete about all things long-distance cycling, when he told a story that really resonated with me. When he and his wife Alice were nearing the end of their big honeymoon ride from the UK to…

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Taynuilt and Bonawe Iron Furnace

Bonawe Iron Furnace, TaynuiltIt's hard to believe that this peaceful loch and mountain setting was once a place where cannonballs were made to fight Napolean's armies. The Bonawe Iron Furnace operated from 1753 to 1876 in scenic Argyll. You can explore the remains of the site as well as spending a bit of time in Taynuilt, including the marvelous Robin's Nest tearoom.How to Get to TaynuiltTake a train to Taynuilt on the Glasgow to Oban line. It's two stops before Oban, about 2 hours 40 minut [...]

Most Cities Will Have To Introduce Congestion Charging, Say Experts At Global Transit Conference

According to experts gathered at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm most cities will have to embrace congestion charging, if they want their citizens to keep moving. Investment has to be made in public transit and cycling, delegates to the conference were told.

Boris Johnson’s opponents have been too easy on him

Boris Johnson is currently the quiet man of the Tory leadership contest, lurking in the shadows rather than courting media…

Micro Frontends

Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in the microservices architectural style, which has become popular due to its ability to allow customer-oriented teams to build and deploy software independently. A common problem such teams face, however, is how to integrate their work into the user-interface, since these are often monolithic frontend codebases.

It should be no surprise that an approach to handle this has developed that's called micro frontends, which allows teams to independently deploy their user-interface into skeletal front end application. My colleague, Cam Jackson, has been using this approach and has pulled together an article to explain further why and how to do this. In this first installment, he looks at the benefits of the micro frontend architecture.


Michael Gove tries to come out fighting after cocaine row

Michael Gove is one of those people who enjoys finding themselves with their back against the wall, fighting. His leadership…

Dominic Raab’s brazen Brexit pitch

Dominic Raab’s launch was just downstairs from the event that Matt Hancock held, and rather more serious, too. He was…

Can Matt Hancock be trusted on Brexit?

What does Matt Hancock offer the Conservative party? He’s a former Remainer who has stayed loyal in Theresa May’s Cabinet…

Feel the form and do it anyway

So here we are. I’ve reached a crux, balanced precariously atop a watershed, near a fork in the road. ItContinue Reading

Maker Of World's Most Iconic Bicyclist Bridge Designs Bamboo-Clad Bus Bridge

From the makers of the iconic Hovenring bicycle bridge comes the boringly-named but beautiful Bus Bridge of Zwolle.

Top Ten Mountain Bike Trails in the UK

If you are looking for inspiration of where to go mountain biking in the UK then you have to check out this list.  There are some great routes on this list, including 3 in Scotland- Torridon, Lairig Ghuru and Stob Ban. Top Ten Mountain Bike Trails in the UK [...]

E-Bikes And Other £1,000+ Bicycles Added To U.K. Government's Money-Saving 'Cycle To Work' Scheme

U.K. removes cap on 'Cycle to Work' scheme, allowing purchase of £1,000+ bicycles, including e-bikes.

Fly Less Or Fry The Planet: My 28-Hour Train Journey To Greta Thunberg's Stockholm

Channeling Greta Thunberg here's how–and why– I traveled by train from Newcastle in northern England to Stockholm, Sweden, in 28 hours to attend the UITP public transit conference.

What can we learn from the Brexit party’s narrow defeat in Peterborough? Our panel responds | Caroline Lucas and others

Labour fended off Nigel Farage’s party, but only just. The Tories tanked. All three will have learned important lessons

Related: Labour’s Peterborough win shows its grassroots strength. But Brexit risks persist | Owen Jones

Related: The Peterborough result spells out the dangers the next Tory leader will face | Katy Balls

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Tory leadership battle hots up, and all change at Change UK – Politics Weekly podcast

Heather Stewart is joined by Ellie Mae O’Hagan, Rafael Behr and Katy Balls to discuss the week’s key political events

Boris Johnson began his leadership campaign in earnest this week, telling party members he was best placed to beat Labour and “put Nigel Farage back in his box”.

Meanwhile his leadership rivals queued up for an audience with Donald Trump, as the US president blew into town for his photo opportunity with the Queen.

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Barry Godin: Bikepacking Across The Italian Alps

The cyclist and filmmaker Barry Godin has featured several times here on over the past few years – visit these posts to read more about him and his films – and it was nice to catch up with him again at the Cycle Touring Festival the weekend […]

You there, on your feet

We asked the question: You’re on your feet all day in a busy pub kitchen, restaurant or city centre bar – so what’s you’re preferred footwear? What makes it comfortable and bearable – Doc Martens, Crocs, Nike FlyEase? None of the above? The answers came from The Rat Inn at Anick, Hexham; the Crown Posada, [&hellip

The sign of a great pub

The holly bush is believed to be the first version of a pub sign. They were placed at each side of a door to signify that the building was a drovers’ inn which would provide sustenance and shelter for cattle traders on their way to mart. Since the Holly Bush Inn at Greenhaugh, near Kielder [&hellip

Beer with a golden promise

Jamie Robson isn’t a big fan of plastic. As a North Sea surfer, he has first-hand knowledge of its effect on marine life – so much so that five pence from every pint sold from his Northumberland brewery is donated to the charity Ocean Clean-Up. Jamie is also head brewer at Grounding Angels Brewing Co [&hellip

Merchant of (ad)venture

Ross Quinn talks Trappist. He is also fluent in Lambic, Tegernsee, Augustiner and DIPA. Beer is his business, representing Cave Direct from its relatively new depot in Newcastle. And this month he has cause for celebration – Cave Direct is 40 years old, being founded in 1979 in the days when an adventurous beer was [&hellip