What’s On: Craft Beer Calling Fringe 2019

Sometimes it’s not the main event that has the biggest impact – it’s the other stuff that happens along the way. And along the way this year are a whole host of great beery events in Newcastle! Read on for a list of the best things happening whilst Craft Beer Calling‘s in town (you can check out more info on the main event here). Alpha Delta Launch Wednesday 23rd October | The Free Trade Inn If you’ve not tried the first two releases from Rossi at Box Social’s brand new brewery, Alpha Delta, you really need to be first in … Continue reading What’s On: Craft Beer Calling Fringe 2019

What’s On: Craft Beer Calling 2019

Ah, Craft Beer Calling. The one time of year you might persuade beer fans across the country to venture this far north. From the catch-ups with every bar manager in town at the Thursday trade session, to spending your Saturday afternoon drinking imperial stouts, plus negotiating the busier Friday and Saturday night sessions, there’s a whole host of beery stuff to check out. Every year the event spreads to more fringe events in the city centre and beyond, offering even more great beer choices for people outside of the CBC sessions, and extending the celebrations across the city. We’re putting … Continue reading What’s On: Craft Beer Calling 2019

Remain is now a political identity that will shape Britain long after Brexit | Rafael Behr

Among the ‘smashed avocado metro-elite’ is a generation of young people radicalised by Brexit

A remainer was once defined as a voter who wanted the UK to stay in the EU. Then the term got looser, scooping up politicians who pledged to fulfil the referendum mandate while failing some other test of Eurosceptic rigour.

Even some of the MPs who endorsed Boris Johnson’s deal on Tuesday night, bringing Britain far closer to the Brexit point of no return than it came when Theresa May was in Downing Street, will not qualify for True Leaver status; not in the eyes of zealous anti-Brussels puritans.

Europhobic fanaticism has broken the will of some remainers but radicalised the rest

Related: Remember Thatcher’s Britain? That’s where this Brexit deal would take us | Tom Kibasi

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The clumsy whipping operation playing out in parliament

The debate on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill is as noisy as you might expect, given how high emotions are on…

David Squires on … Manchester United v Liverpool and 'Lampard's Lambs'

Our cartoonist looks back on a derby that will live for days in the memory and how Frank Lampard engineered the Soviet Union’s collapse

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Bikepacking The Length Of Armenia On The Transcaucasian Trail [52 Photos]

Last month I was privileged to spend a couple of weeks bikepacking the length of Armenia on remote dirt tracks with a fantastic group of fellow riders from all over the world. The goal was not just to have fun but to test out a newly developed mountain-bike route across…

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Nine northern winters and one winter bike

Over the course of nine northern winters I’ve spent a total of one hundred and fifteen quid on my winterContinue Reading

Will MPs block the government’s mad dash to get the Withdrawal Agreement Bill through?

Appropriately, given the length of time it has taken politicians of all colours to continue putting off taking any sort…

Why everyone benefitted from Bercow’s refusal to allow today’s meaningful vote

It was hardly a surprise that this afternoon John Bercow ruled out allowing the government to bring back its meaningful…

Cycling Japan: The Numbers

It’s not quite the deep mid-winter but today, with the heating on and me having yet to leave the house, it could easily be so. My mind turns to the heat and humidity (that was the topic of the last Japan-related post) of next summer, Japan and… a […]

The question for wavering MPs: do they really trust Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson is still pursuing today’s vote as a decisive moment for the Brexit deal, rather than the start of…

Do you gyle your ale after it leaves the cooler and finishes fermenting in the vat or krausen your beer post-coolship when it’s run out of the foeder?

I had a small Twitter spat yesterday with Duration Brewing after they said they were installing a coolship and foeders at their brewery in Norfolk. A wave of grumpy old mannishness washed across me, and I tweeted that we don’t have coolships and foeders in Britain, we have coolers and vats. Why use a foreign … Continue reading Do you gyle your ale after it leaves the cooler and finishes fermenting in the vat or krausen your beer post-coolship when it’s run out of the foeder?

Guest post by Laura Hoyano: Terminology does matter: ‘believe the victim’, investigative mindsets and unlearned lessons from miscarriages of justice

I am delighted to host this guest blogpost by Laura Hoyano, a barrister and Senior Research Fellow at Wadham College, Oxford.   On 18 December 2014, Detective Superintendent McDonald of the Metropolitan Police (MPS) declared to the media that ‘Nick’ had made “credible and true” allegations of child murder and horrific abuse against a deceased Prime Minister, […]

Boris Johnson ‘very confident’ MPs will back his deal

Boris Johnson has just given a very upbeat press conference about his Brexit deal, despite the DUP being clear that…

The shifting Tory dynamics behind the party’s Brexit deal dilemma

It is not currently looking hopeful that Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will pass in the Commons. The Prime Minister will…

Working with Errors in Go 1.13

Go’s treatment of errors as values has served us well over the last decade. Although the standard library’s support for errors has been minimal—just the errors.New and fmt.Errorf functions, which produce errors that contain only a message—the built-in error interface allows Go programmers to add whatever information they desire. All it requires is a type that implements an Error method:

Nottingham’s Workplace Parking Levy Creates Jobs, Cuts Car Use and Slashes Pollution

Nottingham in England has had a workplace levy since 2012—it has so far raised £61 million, paying for multiple measures to get people out of cars.

Will Labour MPs do anything now Louise Ellman has quit?

Another female Jewish MP has left the Labour party, apparently bullied out of the movement she has worked in for…

8 Tips For Better Winter Cycling

by Julia Martin Shorter days, colder weather and excess moisture do not mean you need to place your bike in storage until summer rolls around once more — it simply means you need to be smarter about how you bike. Winter cycling is not for everyone, but if […]

Buy a classic David Squires cartoon from our collection

Our cartoonist looks back at 25 of his favourite strips from down the years, all of which are now available at our Guardian Print Shop, a link to each can be found by clicking on the title of each caption below

  • David Squires is away this week
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Hairy Dog Brewery – Sustainability, Community and Good Beer!

On a wet and windy day, we made our way down from the Midlands to a part of the world which is renowned for fantastic fresh produce. Our destination was Hairy Dog Brewery located just north of South Downs National Park and Ditchling Common, Sussex. The brewery was initially set up by Sussex born and bred […]

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Any Johnson Brexit deal sows seeds of future confrontation with the EU | Rafael Behr

The prime minister’s chosen path will fail to secure Britain’s long-term interest and boost division and nationalism

Boris Johnson wanted to be prime minister long before he wanted to take Britain out of the EU. The novelty of Brexit among his ambitions prompts a thought experiment: imagine there was no referendum. By some other craft Johnson has reached Downing Street. Would he propose swapping full EU membership for the latest version of a deal being hammered out in Brussels today?

Related: Boris Johnson 'on brink of Brexit deal' after border concessions

It is understood well enough in Brussels that Brexit and Trumpism are ideological siblings

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Is a deal in sight? - Brexit Means ... podcast

Days before the crunch EU summit, Jon Henley asks whether Boris Johnson can secure a Brexit deal. He is joined by the Guardian’s Brussels correspondent, Jennifer Rankin, and opinion writer Rafael Behr, and by Georgina Wright of the Institute for Government

Less than a fortnight ago, the European parliament rubbished Boris Johnson’s “two borders for four years” proposal, saying it was not “even remotely” acceptable to the EU. Then, last week, Johnson met the Irish taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, in a country house hotel in Wirral and, miraculously, there was “a pathway to a possible deal”.

Suddenly, “intensive talks” were under way, the pound was surging and – days before the crunch European council meeting on 17-18 October – an agreement was supposedly back on.

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Did anyone take the Queen’s Speech seriously?

If today’s Queen’s Speech was meant to offer a preview of what the next general election and life after it…

How even giant multi-national brewing corporations can screw it up by lazily copying and pasting

Rule number one in the history writing biz is: don’t just copy-and-paste stuff off the internet (or from anywhere else), because the chances are high that what you have copied is wrong, and some fecker (me, in this case) will come along and hold you up to ridicule and abuse. I’m talking about you, today, … Continue reading How even giant multi-national brewing corporations can screw it up by lazily copying and pasting

Bicycle Traveler: The Cycling World In Your Fingers

The morning when an email arrives informing me of a new edition of Bicycle Traveler magazine is a good one. What a great way to cast aside the Monday-morning blues. Grace Johnson (no relation to our own idiot-in-chief I hope…) is based in The Netherlands and the series […]

Can ministers really hold their nerve on Brexit this week?

Boris Johnson is now in what’s known in cricket as the ‘Nervous Nineties’, when a batsman becomes so anxious about…

Ballot For Côte d’Azur Etape Du Tour Opens Soon, 16,000 Places To Be Snapped Up In Seconds

The much-anticipated unveiling of the 2020 Tour de France route takes place on Tuesday, October 15, in the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

Cycling Japan: Into The Eye Of A Storm?

With Typhoon Hagibis moving over Tokyo, it seems an appropriate moment to consider what the weather might be like when I cycle the length of the country in July and August 2020. Let’s start with typhoons. Here’s an image from the Windy.com website of Japan with the current […]

PR Company Bosses Lead 20-Child Pedal Posse To Show Council That Cycling To School Is Unsafe

Adam and Aurélie Tranter led a group of 20 pedal-powered children on a ride to school in Kenilworth, England, on October 11.

Crash-Out Brexit Could Force Closure Of Sunderland Car Plant, Warns Nissan Boss

His comments came after Nissan announced October 9 that it was ending the plant's nightshift for car production.

Scottish Parliament Finally Passes Law Banning Sidewalk Parking

The Scottish Parliament passed a bill on October 10 to implement a sidewalk parking ban.

David Squires on ... what was left out of the A-League's pre-season anime video

In his first outing of the new season, our cartoonist looks at what might have been for an animation that went viral

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Manchester Plans For Dutch-Style Aerial Cycling Roundabout

A proposed new designs for a junction treatment in Greater Manchester is exciting cycle campaigners because, if built, it could look similar to the iconic Hovering bicycle bridge in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

Go Craft in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most exciting destinations for beer enthusiasts in the world. From the famous beer spas located in Pilsen, to the historic breweries such as Pilsner Urquell, Břevnov Monastery and U Fleků, there are many places to explore. In addition to the classic there is now a huge craft beer […]

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Boris Johnson’s ‘deal’ has collided with reality. So what now? | Rafael Behr

The coming election won’t resolve the intractable dilemma of Brexit – which is that it can’t happen without hurting us

Brexit has produced few scenes as absurd as the race in Westminster to count up backers of Boris Johnson’s “deal”. The DUP were on board! Tory hardliners too! Maybe disaffected Labour leavers as well. Just one hitch: the EU was never in on this deal. There are complex technical reasons why the Downing Street plan was a non-starter in Brussels, but the broad outline is simple enough. It would impose a new customs border in Ireland that would be both intrusive and unenforceable. It would give a veto over every aspect of Northern Ireland’s future to the DUP, making a fragile peace settlement hostage to a party that rejected the Good Friday agreement.

Related: No 10 source: Brexit talks on brink of collapse after Merkel-Johnson call

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David Squires on … Untitled Premier League Managers Game

Our cartoonist looks at the managers under pressure as we enter the international break

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Cycling The Length Of Japan: The Thoughts Of Simon Calder

Awake at 2:30 this morning, I switched on the radio, Radio 5 Live. Dotun Adebayo was in discussion with the travel expert Simon Calder. He happened to be in Tokyo so I tweeted a question… …and, a few minutes later, came an answer: My tweet, perhaps, didn’t contain […]

Cross Europe & Go Along The Med… For Just £1.99

Celebrate the freedom of movement in Europe! Links: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie (£3.99)

Bikepacking Microadventure: West Is Best

A nice little film to start your weekend from Cycling UK, aka the CTC…

Champion Cyclist Confesses To Robo-Doping, Stripped Of National Esports Title

YouTuber Cameron Jeffers has today been stripped of his title as the U. K.’s first national cycling esports champion.

Brewer’s Social opens in Birmingham

The “new” Brewer’s Social in Harborne, Birmingham launched on the 27th September and as you can imagine we were straight down there a little after midday to get the first brews in! The bar which is the reinvention of the Sadler’s pop-up has had a complete overhaul becoming a more stylish bar. This new-look has […]

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Is Boris really going to ask for a Brexit extension?

Boris Johnson will seek an extension to Article 50 if there is no Brexit deal by 19 October, documents read…

Cheers on the road

Darlington-based Cheers – and beer – enthusiast Ian Jackson has contributed another photo from a recent visit to Germany. He visited Dūsseldorf and Köln, enjoying the native Altbier and Kölsch along with the rather hot weather. Ian says: “The photo with the caricatures of the old people was taken in the Brauerei Zum Uerige on [&hellip

Some beer lovers Can’t stomach it

Cheers reader Ian Ross was recently diagnosed with coeliac disease and is coming to terms with the restrictions that imposes on his diet. Coeliac disease is a common digestive condition where the small intestine becomes inflamed and unable to absorb nutrients. It can cause a range of symptoms and is caused by an adverse reaction [&hellip

precious glasses, so don’t drop one

A Belgian brewery has taken the revolutionary decision to allow its customers to change the name of it biggest selling beer. Customers rarely referred to De Koninck as such – the actual name of the brewery in Antwerp. It was always “Bolleke”, derived from the bowl-shaped chalice in which the legendary amber-coloured pale ale is [&hellip

It’s all about timing

There’s an old nautical saying that sailors had to wait for the sun to rise over the yardarm before they could have their morning drink. Nowadays we call the occasion “beer o’clock”, “wine o’clock”, “gin o’clock” or whatever the favourite tipple is. The times can also vary but one man is making sure the clock [&hellip

Pottering around with butterbeer

A homebrewer aims to prove that fiction is better than fact, writes Alastair Gilmour Homebrewer Paul Crowther doesn’t half set himself a challenge. He makes beer based on references in books, television shows and video games. And extraordinarily good they are, too. The inspiration might come from anywhere; he collects recipes and makes notes to [&hellip

Yeast Wrangler reveals plans

An American brewer is about to mark his first year in the North East. Alex Rattray, senior craft brewer (and self-styled Yeast Wrangler) at S43 in Coxhoe, County Durham, sets out his ideas for the coming months. “It’s been a big year of change for us, going in a completely new direction of beer styles, [&hellip

Collab becoming a ritual

Three years ago, enduring rock band Tygers of Pan Tang released Tyger Blood a specially-commissioned beer, in collaboration with Newcastle-based Box Social Brewing. At the end of this month the five-strong group, formed in Whitley Bay in 1978 and possibly more popular than ever across Europe and the Americas, is heading a similar project – [&hellip