Cycling & Electricity Generation: The Hub Of The Matter

There is a risk that might be entering a phase of being a useful website once again... In response to the post earlier in the week about the Denham handlebars on my new touring bike - the Koga WorldTraveller-S 2.0 - which also made reference to the USB charging device that is connected to the Son 28 front dynamo hub, I have received a detailed and very interesting email from David Sinclair.

VanMoof Plugs Sale Of 11,000 Tesla-Like E-Bikes Worth Cool €30 Million

Co-founder of Dutch bicycle brand VanMoof says “We see Tesla and BMW as competition, not other bike companies.” The brand has sold 11,000 of its new e-bikes, worth nearly €30 million.

Fonab Castle Hotel Review

Fonab Castle Hotel in PitlochryFor a special treat Fonab Castle is one of Scotland's finest luxury hotels. It is located on the banks of Loch Faskally in Pitlochry, Perthshire. The lochside views are hard to beat, especially if you select a room with a loch view balcony. Enjoy innovative cuisine using many Scottish ingredients and select a gin or whisky from the extensive bar menu. Rooms​The hotel has a choice of 9 different room types. There are rooms inside the castle,  in the mode [...]

Tilt: Birmingham’s Craft Beer, Coffee and Pinball destination

By Helen Wilson | Editor Nestled in Birmingham’s City Centre lies one of the coolest bars. Tilt has got a lot

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David Squires on ... the Glory days returning to Perth

Our cartoonist celebrates the return of silverware to Perth - the 2018/19 A-League premiers

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photostream 120

Dubrovnik, Croatia (2018)

Denham: The Handlebars… And The Man

If you search for the word 'Denham' on this esteemed website (yes, this one!), you'll find it appears twice; once in reference to the handlebars for which I have opted on the new Koga Signature WorldTraveller-S 2.0 and once in a post from earlier in the year. Until yesterday, I didn't realise that the two are connected, but they are and here's why.

Millennial Builds £1 Million Bike Luggage Maker By Watching How To Do It On YouTube

Nathan Hughes watched YouTube to learn how to fabricate – his Yorkshire business is now selling £1-million-worth of bicycle luggage a year.

Hadrian’s Wall Brew House Easter tours

Should you need any excuse for a pint or three this Easter weekend, Twice Brewed Brew House and Inn on Hadrian’s Wall is hosting its first brewery tours at 4pm on Easter Saturday and Sunday in the company of head brewer, Matt Brown. The tours begin in the Brew House before moving to the cosy [&hellip

What’s On: Easter 2019

Yeah, we know we’ve already done the April round-up, but there are now so many great beer-related events happening for Easter weekend, we’ve had to put together a whole new post! Read on, and don’t forget to tag us at @craftbeerncl if you make it to any of these places over the Easter weekend: Freetime Beer Co Tap Takeover Thursday 18th April | The Box Social The Box Social is playing host to Freetime Beer Co. from Wales, for a tap takeover this Easter. Having recently changed their name from West By Three Brewing (because of a trademark dispute), they’ve … Continue reading What’s On: Easter 2019

We need to talk about Cav

I like Mark Cavendish. I like the fact that he’s a cheeky monkey. I like the fact that he’ll tellContinue Reading

Theresa May’s successor will be a crucial choice. Are the Tories capable of making it? | Rafael Behr

With party members mired in Brexit mythologies, there is no hope of an honest appraisal of what the country needs

Last time the Tories had a leadership problem, they settled on Theresa May as the solution. That isn’t a mistake the party will make again, although other mistakes are available. Half of the cabinet and just as many backbenchers are parading themselves in speeches and newspaper articles. The competition to be the Conservative party’s next problem is under way before the current problem has stood down.

The usual practice when picking a new leader is to overcompensate for faults in the old one. May’s methodical chilliness appealed as the antidote to David Cameron’s careless charm. The same trait, expressed as lack of agility and diplomacy, made her a poor choice to negotiate Brexit. But it is easy to say what May got wrong. The more interesting question is what she almost got right.

Related: Amber Rudd says she is not ruling out Tory leadership bid

Related: Who's up and who's down? The 10 Tories hoping to replace May | Jessica Elgot and Peter Walker

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Clueless In Europe: Help Needed

With the placing of the order for the new touring bike - see previous post - the fuse has been lit on the firework of a new cycle tour. But to where? And when? Tentative plans have been discussed over the past few months here on but in the back of my mind, I knew that if I didn't replace poor old Reggie - another long trip is beyond him I'm afraid - none of them would come to fruition. Now that he has (nearly) been replaced, the ball is back in my half of the court. (Not that, in fairness, it ever left my half of the court but let's not quibble; you know what I mean...) I need to decide where I will take my new, as yet un-named, bicycle, the KOGA Signature WorldTraveller-S 2.0...

No place to Hyde for Ferrari's Dr Jekyll

We are already three races into what appeared to be a season where we’d finally see Ferrari break their championship title drought but, they’re suffering a similar fate to the one their closest adversary has in recent years - they have a car that’s difficult to get the best from at a given race weekend. If they’re to unlock the SF90’s full potential they may actually have to neuter some of

Painted White Lines Are Not Cyclist-Protecting Forcefields, Agree Experts

Paint protects cyclists in The Netherlands, white lines not so magic anyplace else, finds study.

David Squires on … the Premier League's game of thrones

Our cartoonist looks at the title race, unexpected objects behind dugouts and a dagger through the heart of ancient zombies

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BottleCraft is Turning 4! Get a Peek at the Celebration Plans

By Tim Jones | Founder We went down to BottleCraft to chat to co-owner Chris about their upcoming plans for

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The KOGA Signature WorldTraveller-S 2.0 Rohloff Discbrake Bicycle

Today I took the plunge and placed an order for a new touring bicycle. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the KOGA Signature WorldTraveller-S 2.0 Rohloff Discbrake bicycle.

Paris-Roubaix 2019: Philippe Gilbert and the van Aert of war

It was Philippe Gilbert’s day, of course. How could it be anyone else’s? He won Paris-Roubaix; perhaps the most revered,Continue Reading

Shamima Begum may not deserve your sympathy, but she is entitled to legal aid

Another weekend, another flurry of anti-legal aid stories finding their way into the tabloids. On the criminal legal aid front, The Mirror splashed outrage at the notion of Andrew Hill, the pilot acquitted of manslaughter following the Shoreham Airshow tragedy, “getting” legal aid to mount his successful defence at his criminal trial last year. It’s […]

White Rose Classic Cycle Sportive – Ride The Yorkshire Dales This Summer

The team at Ilkley Cycling Club are gearing up for the eighth annual White Rose Classic, Yorkshire’s premier cycling sportive on Sunday, 23 June. Registration for this June's event opened in 2018 and is proving as popular as ever, attracting riders from all over the country looking to experience challenging hills and serene beauty that Yorkshire has to offer.

Halifax: Painting The Town Red, Green, White… And Yellow

The official colour of the race is actually blue but since the Tour de France visited Yorkshire back in 2014, the colour yellow has been difficult to displace. The yellow bunting has been going up in Halifax as we prepare to welcome, for the second year on the trot, the cyclists of stage 4 of the Tour de Yorkshire on Sunday 5th May 2019.

To Be A Pilgrim… (Or Not)

In the last couple of days I’ve been catching up with the new series of ‘Pilgrimage‘ on BBC Two. The programmes document the journey of a small group of celebrities as they walk some of the stretches of the ancient path from Canterbury to Rome, the Via Francigena. […]

The FIA tidy up some front wing inconsistencies at the Chinese GP

The FIA have tackled several of the teams front wing designs in China, tidying up a few of the design discrepancies that have shown up in the opening few rounds. The teams affected are Mercedes, Red Bull and Williams, all of whom have chosen a front wing design on the same end of the 2019 spectrum, utilising almost full height flaps as they intersect with the endplate. Image courtesy Mercedes

Uber's IPO Dreams Of Jet-Pack Travel Yet Warns That Bicycling Without Helmets Is Dangerous

Uber may never make a profit, warned the company's S-1 filing yesterday, but that's no reason not to dream about jet-pack travel and drone deliveries. Meanwhile, cycling without a helmet is really risky, claims the company with eye-watering losses.

Our visit to cask in Ancoats, for Morgenrot’s first tap takeover

By Tim Jones | Founder We headed up to Manchester for a tap takeover run by beer and wine importer

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David Squires on ... a mixed week in Australia's code wars

Our cartoonist takes a look at the unifying quality of the SCG pitch and the AFL’s groundbreaking venture into Asia

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Indoor Cycling Spikes As Transport Cycling Declines Suggesting Toxic Road Environment To Blame

Cycling for transport is down in the U.K., according to a new and large survey by Sport England. HSBC-sponsored British Cycling puts the malaise down to a lack of cycling infrastructure.

Cambridge Startup Teaches Driverless Cars To Behave Around Cyclists, Can Deploy On Any Road Now

Cambridge University tech start-up Wayve is working on driverless cars that can be deployed on any road anywhere with just 20 hours of machine-learning. Cambridge? The city of cyclists? Yup.

Lamenting the passing of the Golden Age of presentation visuals

For a few years it was easy to give a talk with a visual accompaniment driven by my laptop next to me. But recently it's getting harder to do this, making me wonder if I should continue designing visuals at all.


The best cobbles in Belgium & meeting a legend

I have a pretty awesome job, in fact I’d go so far as saying it’s a dream job. Riding and racing, creating videos, taking photos, writing for magazines and websites and attending photoshoots are all components or a life that […]

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100 Million Extra E-Bike Purchases By 2030, Graphs NGO Using 2018's Stellar EU Sales Figures

EU cycle industry NGO revises its estimate of e-bike sales from 50 million to 150 million over the next 11 years.

Peter Hitchens’ comments about Jo Cox’s killer betray a fundamental ignorance of the basic facts

A familiar sound for readers of the Mail on Sunday is the deafening cymbal-clash of Peter Hitchens colliding with reality. This last Sunday offered a particular highlight, which, although there is undoubted wisdom in leaving him alone to figuratively wander the 21stcentury in his dressing gown shouting at clouds, cannot pass without comment. Summarised by […]

DPD Partners With Hemp And Cashew Composite E-Cargobike Firm To Make 75kg Pedal-Powered Van-Killer

Hemp fibres and cashew nut oil are two of the ingredients for an ultra lightweight e-cargobike to be trialled by parcel firm DPD.

London Firm To Start Paying Employees To Ditch Cars And Commute By E-Bike

British company starts paying its employees to cycle to work on e-bikes.

“101 Books Every Cyclist Should Read” (Especially Three…)

Yesterday I received an online alert about an article on – ‘a buyers guide to the cycling world‘ which featured a reference to ‘…on a Bike Called Reggie‘. I went to investigate and discovered not just one reference, but three! Here’s what was said about each of […]

Operation Tuscany

I’ve never really been a territorial, regional, parochial type. I understand that lines are required on maps and that electedContinue Reading

Is Brexit still worth it? Only the public can answer that question | Rafael Behr

A soft Brexit will just prolong this nightmare. Only another referendum will bring closure

Britain is still a member of the EU thanks to people who wished it wasn’t. Brexit has already been delayed once because MPs who think it should happen voted against the deal that would have made it happen. Now Theresa May is going to Brussels to postpone it further. Such self-thwarting is a feat of slapstick political gymnastics, like falling up a flight of stairs.

Related: UK likely to be offered Brexit extension until end of year

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When did ‘bitter’ become the beer style that dare not speak its name?

Exactly when it started happening I’m not sure, but bitter, once the glory of the British beer scene, is disappearing. In the place of all those marvellously hoppy, complex bitters and best bitters we once sank by the pottle and quart, we now have brews sold under the same brand names, made by the same … Continue reading When did ‘bitter’ become the beer style that dare not speak its name?

Other implementations for domain-oriented observability

Pete completes his discussion of domain-oriented observability by comparing domain probes to using events and aspect-oriented programming


David Squires on … football's squeaky bum time and FA Cup hubris

Our resident cartoonist on the FA Cup semi-finals, rising levels of anxiety and introducing El Gran Hubristo

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Corbyn says May still isn’t compromising on her Brexit red lines

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted that Theresa May hasn’t yet moved on her Brexit red lines in talks with the Labour…

Passing execution context to domain probes

Calls to instrumentation require various bits of execution context. Pete extends his discussion of domain probes to show how factory functions help simplify the data plumbing.


Our Cheeky visit to Wander Beyond Brewing!

By Tim Jones | Founder We popped by Wander Beyond Brewing Company last week. The Manchester-based brewery launched in 2017

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Tour of Flanders 2019: The Italian lad won it!

Pro cycling, as we know, is full of little oddities. I find myself, occasionally, foolishly explaining them to non-fans ofContinue Reading

Investing In A New Bicycle…

…which, alas, still involves spending money. Much of my time over the past couple of weeks has been spent poring over the Koga Signature website (see posts passim). I think it’s fair to say that I have now reached a point of having convinced myself that it is […]

May finds ministers to fill resignation holes: but does it really matter?

Theresa May has this evening found enough people to fill the various ministerial holes left in her government by the…

Why a leaky Commons and a Brexit crisis are symptoms of the same problem

Oh look, there’s water coming through the roof of the House of Commons! What a gift to those starved of…

David Squires on ... a pedestrian end to the A-League regular season

Our cartoonist looks at an underwhelming run-in that has at least been buoyed by Mitchell Duke’s goal celebration

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French Marque LOOK Releases Its First Electric Road Bike, A Snip At €7,699

LOOK launches a €7,699 electric road bike, the French company's first e-road bike.