Vuelta Espana 2019 Stage 1: we’ve hit peak Vuelta…yeah, already!

Early assumptions suggested a burst water main. Reports on the scene point to a hose malfunction for a local resident.Continue Reading

Cycling Europe 2019: Day 1, Yorkshire To Reading

We’re off. Not a great deal of cycling taking place today; just a 10km journey from home to the train station in Huddersfield and the prospect of an even shorter cycle to a friend’s house once I arrive in Reading. It is not the stuff of epic adventures […]

Stop thinking Merkel will save us, Dominic Cummings warns

Is Boris Johnson more likely to get a Brexit deal after his meetings with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron? The…

Leading U.S. Bicycle Safety Academics Question Protected-Cycleways-Are-Risky Study

Two leading academics question findings of a cycleway study by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Forget Electric Cars Says U.K. Parliamentary Report, Get Brits On Bikes Instead

Replacing gas-powered cars with electric cars is no answer to the climate crisis, an influential committee of British M.P.'s today told the U.K. government in a hard-hitting decarbonization report.

The Vuelta Espana desperate-o-meter: a team by team guide

To quote former pro cyclist Charly Wegelius (in his excellent book, Domestique), the Vuelta Espana resembles “the crew of aContinue Reading

The Inevitable Equipment Photograph, Again…

They take some doing but are fun to make and here is my third submission into the genre: UPDATE: It’s now the eve of my departure and everything is packed away. Time to reflect of what is to come over the next three weeks… Not bad… As noted, […]

France says no deal now the most likely Brexit outcome. But why now?

Why would French government officials brief that they think it most likely Britain will leave the European Union without a…

Sadler’s Brewing Co. – Peaky Blinder Black IPA, Awards, Sponsorships and Sharing the Love!

By Tim Jones | Sponsored Feature Sadler’s Brewing Co. picked up a whopping SEVEN awards at The World Beer Awards

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Cycling The Isle Of Wight: The Plan

I’ve mentioned the upcoming trip to Spain and Portugal a few times here on recently, but I haven’t yet said much about what I’ll be doing immediately beforehand, which is spending two days and two nights cycling and camping on the Isle of Wight. Here’s the basic […]

Migrating to Go Modules

This post is part 2 in a series. See part 1 — Using Go Modules.

Just as in 1914, the Brexit buildup is making calamity feel inevitable | Rafael Behr

The Damascene moment remainers hoped for shows no sign of coming, and disaster feels all too predictable

The historian AJP Taylor argued that Europe was plunged into the first world war by the inexorable operation of train timetables. He was not ignoring historic rivalries between the continent’s great powers, nor truncating the sequence of diplomatic failures that turned competition into military confrontation. But at a critical moment, carefully laid mobilisation plans could not be deactivated. Escalation to calamity proceeded metaphorically and literally on rails.

Even with a century of hindsight it is impossible to discern a point of no return in the runup to the first world war

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No. 10 hits back in the backstop blame game

The stand-off between Downing Street and the European Union over Boris Johnson’s latest proposal for the backstop boils down to…

David Squires on … handball and the Premier League

Our cartoonist looks back at the latest action in the English top flight as handball and VAR again took centre stage

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Moseley Craft Beer Festival is back!

By Ryan Gilbert | Assistant Editor The Dark Horse has been a staple of Birmingham’s beer scene for some time

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Social media is making it harder to hear legitimate criticism

When was the last time you were in a Twitter mob? We know these maelstroms of anger so well now,…

Telling anti-vaxxers they’re idiots won’t work

Boris Johnson declaring war on anti-vaxxers is the sort of thing that no-one will disagree with unless, of course, they…

The Trans Pennine Trail

It was an epic 115 km by the end of the day, albeit not all on the Trans Pennine Trail itself. That was ‘just’ the portion from Dunford Bridge to Wentworth Woodhouse (and back). Good preparation for hitting the continent at the end of the month…

Cycling The EuroVelo 1 And The Camino de Compostela

I wish this would happen more often than it does… Back in January I received an email from a cyclist called Paddy Ducey. He told me about how he had read the books that I have written about cycling across Europe and that he had not only enjoyed […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s no-deal plan is unusually smart politics

On the surface, Jeremy Corbyn’s pitch to become caretaker prime minister of a government of national unity after overthrowing Boris…

Transport For London Sets Out Economic Wins From More Walking And Cycling In 29-Page PDF

Transport for London creates fat brochure on the overwhelming benefits of investing in walking and cycling schemes.

Hiver Honey Beer: Sustainability and Creativity Combined  

By Tim Jones | Sponsored Feature It was one blustery August afternoon when we made our way to South East

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VanMoof Admits Hidden Camera Sting Was Staged

VanMoof caught in attempt to portray bike-theft sting video as real.

Restrict Twice-As-Deadly SUVs In U.K. Cities, Urge Transport Data Scientists

Use of SUVs in cities should be discouraged say safety advocates as new stats crunch show larger-engined cars are twice as deadly to U.K. pedestrians and cyclists as smaller-engined cars.

Remainers will do anything to stop Brexit, except install Corbyn as PM. Why? | Rafael Behr

Many believe a Corbyn-led government is as toxic as Brexit itself. But MPs’ options are running out

Brexiters stop at nothing to get what they want and remainers stop at everything. The laws of political motion then dictate which direction things move.

Jeremy Corbyn has written to MPs inviting them to install him in Downing Street, having deposed Boris Johnson with a vote of no confidence. His tenure would, he promises, be “strictly time-limited” – long enough to call a general election and seek the necessary article 50 extension to conduct a ballot.

For some MPs, the objection to a single day of Corbyn rule, even for a tactical purpose, is visceral and moral

Related: The UK faces a nation-defining battle that will split the Tory party | Martin Kettle

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Contributors Summit 2019

For the third year in a row, the Go team and contributors convened the day before GopherCon to discuss and plan for the future of the Go project. The event included self-organizing into breakout groups, a town-hall style discussion about the proposal process in the morning, and afternoon break-out roundtable discussions based on topics our contributors chose. We asked five contributors to write about their experience in various discussions at this year’s summit.

Pro Cycling v Premier League

Just imagine, for a moment, that you’re a football fan. That the Premier League is your idea of sporting drama.Continue Reading

Why Philip Hammond could just be making things easier for Boris Johnson

Is Philip Hammond’s intervention today really a problem for Boris Johnson? The former Chancellor comment piece in the Times declares…

Could we be heading for a Coupon election?

He might be the only MP to have accidentally posted a screenshot of emails about ‘GE2019’ on Instagram, but Damian…

After the Brexit storm, a new political alliance could emerge | Rafael Behr

For those remainers repulsed by both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, there is at last real hope

When boxers go into a clinch it looks more like a tender embrace than a fight. The same is true of the clash between Labour and the Tories. There is no affection between England’s heavyweight parties, but there is a kind of intimacy about the way they lean into their antagonism for tactical comfort.

Boris Johnson is glad to have Jeremy Corbyn to campaign against, and the feeling is mutual. Fear of installing a radical socialist in Downing Street imposes discipline on Tory ranks, while the Conservative leader presents Labour with a caricature of its arch enemy – careless, heartless and posh.

(September 3, 2019) 

Related: If Caroline Lucas truly wants to stop a no-deal Brexit, she must work with Corbyn | Phil McDuff

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Steal the traffic cone, fall into the canal, and ride the Bianchi

The colour of a Bianchi bike is not turquoise, aquamarine, cyan, or teal. It’s Celeste. Pronounced che-less-tay. AKA Bianchi Green.Continue Reading

Ex-Pro's Performance Clothing Startup Puts Cycling Comfort Feet First

Former professional cyclist Tom Barras created performance clothing brand Spatzwear to introduce his "revolutionary" products to pro riders and serious amateurs.

David Squires on … the Premier League's return, Friends and the Eye of Saurinho

Our cartoonist casts his eye over the opening round of games, including Chelsea’s 4-0 defeat and VAR Wars at the London Stadium

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Don’t fall for Boris Johnson’s criminal justice con tricks

Yesterday morning, newly-appointed Justice Secretary Robert Buckland told Radio 4’s Today programme of his pleasure that the Prime Minister is taking an interest in the criminal justice system. And certainly, after three years of wilful abandonment under Theresa May, I would in principle gladly welcome some Downing Street-level political attention on the ruinous state of […]

Beers of Joy

By Ryan Gilbert | Assistant Editor Beers of Joy is a beautifully shot and fascinating documentary, journeying into the craft

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The Cycling Europe Podcast: EuroVelo 12 In Yorkshire

Hot on the heels of my four-day trip to the Far East of Yorkshire and the cycle from the Humber Bridge to Whitby (and thence by train to Middlesbrough) comes a new episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast. It’s the first time that I have dedicated an entire […]

The Cape Wrath Fellowship And You

There was an interesting snippet in this week’s email from Cycling UK regarding something called The Cape Wrath Fellowship. It caught my eye as a few years ago I travelled to Cape Wrath as part of a cycle trip along the northern and western coasts of Scotland. This […]

Cycle To The Cinema… Comes To Halifax

Originally posted on
UPDATE: Tickets for this event now available on the Square Chapel Arts Centre website: click here! Now here’s an interesting concept… Aside from being an international star of the cycle touring writing world [are you sure?] and an acclaimed supply teacher [you are…

Glen Lonan, "Road of the Kings"

Highland cattle on the Glen Lonan road between Oban and Taynuilt, Argyll, ScotlandFancy sharing your bike ride with Highland cattle? The single-track road through Glen Lonan is one of those places where there is a good chance of these iconic beasts straying onto the tarmac. The 12 mile road links Oban with Taynuilt and takes you through a lush glen of woods, fields and isolated farmhouses. "The Road of Kings" is famed as the ancient funeral route of Scotland's Kings to their final resting place [...]

Whitby Abbey

Suitably windswept. Interesting museum telling an interesting story run by English Heritage. There’s more to Whitby Abbey than Bram Stoker and Dracula…

Whitby: Morning Has Broken… And So Has The Weather

Well it has been forecast all week to be grim but this morning is the first time those promises have born fruit. Wet, cloudy, grey… Now if this were Norway in 2015 or indeed Spain at the of the month, I would shrug my shoulders and carry on. […]

Gallery - Pre-season testing - Daniel Coyle

I offer the following gallery for your perusal with the thanks of fellow reader - Daniel Coyle. Daniel is an amateur motorsport photographer who attended pre-season testing and captured what I think you'll agree are some wonderful images.  Charles Leclerc puts the SF90 through its paces on the hard tyre Lance Stroll at the wheel of the RP19 which is outfitted with a lower T-Wing for extra

Sidewalk-Parked VW Beetle Photobombed Fab Four's Abbey Road Shot 50 Years Ago Today

World's most famous sidewalk-parked car was photographed on this day 50 years ago. #AbbeyRoad #Beatles #TheBeatles #abbeyroad50

David Squires on … what to expect in the new Premier League season

Our cartoonist gazes into his crystal ball and predicts what might happen in the English top flight in the 2019-20 season

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Teaching Your Child To Ride A Bicycle The Easy Way

It's a key life skill so teach cycling early. Here's a tried and tested method for getting your child up and riding in no time.

Somers column: A strategic and tactical masterclass

As Formula One gets ready to take a break, it's fair to say that the last four races have delivered captivating drama and perhaps some of the best action we’ve seen in years. Every single one of those four races has delivered something a little bit different but each just as rewarding as the last, whether you’re new to the sport or having followed along for years. As far as the Hungarian GP

'Trumpets' race review - Hungary

`Matt 'Trumpets' Ragsdale does his very best to dissect another fantastic race, this time in Hungary Ambient 25° Track 48° Humidity 35.7% Wind 0.8 m/s Prelude The haze hung low on the horizon as puffballs of clouds dotted the sky fancifully, sunshine blazing down onto the paddock, occasionally interrupted as a wayward cloud drifted across the sun. Pirelli predicted a one stop as

'Trumpet's qualifying notebook - Hungary

`Matt 'Trumpets' Ragsdale gives us a taste of Saturday's action at the Hungaroring Ambient 24° Track 42° Humidity 54% Wind 0.8 m/s Prelude Massive clouds scudded through the blue dome of sky enclosing the paddock at the Hungarian Grand Prix, the unsettled weather contributing healthily to the uncertainty around a track where overtaking is normally in short supply. With a

If you want craft beer in Munich, it’s pure Helles

Should you wish to know the differences between the craft beer scenes in London and Munich, Burchard Stock is a good man to ask. For two years he was a brewer with the pub brewery chain Brewhouse & Kitchen in Britain’s capital, ending up in charge of the Islington branch, close by the Angel: indeed, … Continue reading If you want craft beer in Munich, it’s pure Helles

Big Prize Giveaway – It’s not a Holiday but it’s as good as!

We’ve got over £800 worth of tickets to give away! BeerYeti has teamed up with The Real Ale Trails Company

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